New service calculates cost of nursing vacancies

Aloysius Butler & Clark (AB&C), a full-service marketing agency that specializes in health care recruitment, this January launched a website designed to help nurse recruiters and hiring managers understand the actual costs of staffing vacancies.

The website,, allows users to input information—such as annual net operating revenue, average RN salary and the average time that passes before filling a nursing vacancy—specific to their health system. The site then crunches the numbers to determine the real costs of vacancies.

AB&C developed the algorithm in collaboration with DoubleStar, Inc., a talent acquisition consulting firm. The vision for the project was to help nurse recruiters and managers justify and obtain budget increases for nursing recruitment, given the significant shortage of nurses in the marketplace.

“We don’t have a single client who isn’t looking to staff more nurses—nursing vacancies are getting harder to fill, and managers are always being asked to do more with less money,” said Shawn Kessler, Managing director of recruitment marketing at Aloysius Butler & Clark. “Our goal in developing this site was to give our clients the ability to quantify a monetary value for their nursing vacancies so they cannot only make a better case for having their request budget increase fulfilled, but also to show how much money they can bring into a system by hiring nurses faster.”

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