New street signs come ‘out of nowhere,’ confuse beach town

(AP) — A Delaware town says the state department of transportation didn’t properly communicate before installing more than 20 signs.

The Delaware Department of Transportation tells WBOC-TV the new directional signs in Dewey Beach were installed to prevent crashes along Route 1. But some have reported the signs have created confusion.

Hammerheads manager Megan McCullough says a “Do Not Enter” sign placed on the restaurant’s steps affected operations, as some customers assumed the restaurant was closed. A store manager, Lauren Kelley, says a nearby “Wrong Way” sign wasn’t placed at a proper intersection.

Dewey Beach Commissioner Paul Bauer says the signs “just showed up out of nowhere,” installed by DELDOT contractors.

A DELDOT spokesperson acknowledged “the street signs weren’t put in good locations.” The department has begun removing signs.

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