Painted Stave celebrates first batch of bourbon

Painted Stave

Ron Gomes and Mike Rasmussen opened Painted Stave Distilling, the state’s first stand-alone craft distillery in November 2013, in the Old Smyrna Theater. Earlier this month, they celebrated the bottling and labeling of their first batch of Diamond State Bourbon Whiskey.

Legislation allowing the businesses to open wasn’t passed until 2013 after Painted Stave and others lobbied the General Assembly. You can only pick up one of the 160 bottles at their distillery in Smyrna when it goes on sale for $40

Speaker of the House Pete Schwartzkopf, left, Mike Rasmussen, co-owner of Painted Stave Distilling, and Representative Trey Paradee celebrate the empty barrel after a successful night of celebrating the distillery’s first bourbon.

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