Q&A: Rodman Ward III of CSC

A privately held company, CSC was founded when Josiah Marvel and Christopher L. Ward merged independent businesses that helped companies incorporate, operate and stay in compliance. As lawyers, they saw the advantages of the General Corporation Law of 1899, which Marvel had helped draft. Although savvy businessmen, the founders could have never imagined the digital world that’s now a large part of CSC’s business. Rodman Ward III has been president and CEO since 2010 and is a fourth-generation descendant of one of the company’s founders.

What does innovation mean to CSC?

We strive to build seamless relationships with our clients. Learning the ins and outs of how our clients do business and what they want to accomplish enables us to expertly approach their needs, anticipate future needs and innovate our solutions. At CSC, our employees evolve with our clients and their businesses daily, with the goal to be better tomorrow than we are today.

One of your most prominent business units is Digital Brand Services. How does CSC help companies promote, secure and protect their brands online?

Since entering the digital brand services market almost two decades ago, we have grown to become the largest provider of online brand protection around the world, as well as the leader in corporate domain management and security services through our best-in-class services and technology. We offer reliable and global solutions, which is why leading companies around the world choose CSC as their partner to gain control of their digital assets, maximize their online potential and increase online security against brand risks. We help effectively manage, promote and secure our clients’ valuable brand assets against the threats of the online world.

Was the acquisition of Corptax, Inc. a game-changer for CSC, and if so, why?

It really was. We took a giant leap forward as a technology company and software provider. With Corptax, we have transformed the business of global corporate taxes through technology, business-process expertise and award-winning support. CSC now handles corporate taxes for some of the largest companies around the world, adding to our blue-chip customer base.

Have your needs for data analytics specialists grown?

We’ve amassed a huge amount of data throughout the organization and have made significant investments in software and technology to effectively use that data to drive growth and innovation. We have a significant demand for analysts who can leverage descriptive and predictive analytics to drive service excellence and generate opportunities for the sales and marketing teams.

How have your IT teams been able to keep up with all this demand and change?

We continually invest in more technologists to help drive innovation to help best serve our clients.
In a fast-paced, high-growth global organization, we operate in an agile manner and constantly empower
our employees to evolve with the company, which enables us to have a sustainable competitive

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