Remote Monitoring Boosts Cybersecurity


Ransomware. Malvertising. Phishing. Distributed Denial of Service. All variants of cyberattacks seem to be growing to record levels, putting the pressure on network administrators to detect and mitigate threats. Remote network monitoring solutions can relieve the pressure and dramatically improve your ability to keep cybercriminals at bay.

In a recent survey of IT professionals conducted by Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), 72 percent said network security has become more difficult in recent years due to the increased sophistication and frequency of malware. To improve their capacity to deal with these threats, 91 percent said they plan to increase spending on security monitoring.

Network monitoring involves the use of various tools to collect a range of metrics about network traffic. Security monitoring tools examine data from numerous sources, such as firewalls, VPNs, intrusion-detection systems, networking devices and proxy servers.

That’s a lot of data to collect, organize and analyze — certainly more than a single administrator could be expected to handle. Just reviewing all the log files would be a full-time job.

Working with a managed security services provider (MSSP) who monitors the network offers some key advantages. A team of experienced engineers provides the manpower to effectively analyze event logs and alerts and speed time to remediation. In addition to detecting attacks and breaches, your remote monitoring provider can proactively search for suspicious behavior, capture forensic data to improve strategic planning, automate remediation tasks, fulfill regulatory compliance requirements and more.

In the ESG survey, respondents said one of the keys to effective security monitoring is the ability to integrate a variety of technologies such as intrusion detection, patch management, web protection and endpoint security. Remote security monitoring provides such integration.

Continuous firewall monitoring can help detect and block attacks at the network perimeter. It can also help you avoid downtime and security gaps due to misconfiguration by eliminating the need for manual changes at the device level.

Web protection features in a monitoring solution can be used to enforce Internet use policies, block inappropriate or malicious websites, and monitor bandwidth usage. Social media policies can be established based on user profiles, allowing access to those who need these tools for legitimate business purposes.

It has been estimated that a well-executed patch management strategy can mitigate up to 90 percent off all security issues by preventing attacks that exploit known vulnerabilities. Remote monitoring can identify which versions of what software are in use, providing an accurate inventory that streamlines patch management by helping you determine which patches need to be installed.

Because any smartphone, tablet or laptop is a potential entry point for attacks, remote endpoint security is extremely important. Endpoint security tools also allow your provider to monitor these devices and block any risky activities.

In the past, network security largely consisted of a hardened network perimeter to keep intruders out. Those boundaries have been erased today. As cybercriminals seize on opportunities created by increasingly open networks, all types of cyber threats are on the rise.


Lisa Detwiler, President joined SSD Technology Partners in 2006 as Chief Marketing Officer, and in 2014 she and her two partners Woodie Bowe and Nick Ewen purchased the company.   Detwiler holds an MBA in Marketing and Strategy from Carnegie Mellon University. Lisa successfully led SSD through a difficult economy in 2012, recording the company’s greatest growth record in 31 years.

Lisa believes that our foundation for success does not come from fancy business buzzwords or the latest management fads. Success comes from behaviors and commitments to basic guidelines of how we operate as individuals and as a company; do what’s best for the client, practice blameless problem solving, seek to create win/win solutions, check the ego at the door, and communicate to be understood.

Lisa serves the community as a Board Chair of both the American Red Cross and the Delaware Better Business Bureau and has been a member of Wilmington Rotary Club for 10 years.

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