Report: Slashed budget limits Delaware labor law enforcement

(AP) — The state division charged with enforcing Delaware’s labor laws is funded at around half the level it was a decade ago, despite having around 20,000 more jobs to oversee.

A News Journal analysis of spending show the Labor Department’s Division of Industrial Affairs was cut in 2008 and then slashed in half in 2010, leaving it with a $6.2 million budget and staff of 66 today. The division investigates complaints related to workers’ compensation, labor law, occupational health and safety and discrimination.

Division Director Julie Petroff says the department is spread thin and unable to be proactive.

Labor Secretary Cerron Cade says significant increases won’t happen this year. Gov. John Carney’s proposed budget would increase funding slightly to $6.4 million.

Delaware AFL-CIO President James Maravelias says the lack of oversight leads to “rampant corruption.”

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