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Dennis Forbes was quite clear with his daughter, Desiree. He wanted her to go to college, to work somewhere else. And if she still wanted to be a restaurateur, then he would help.

“I kept pushing her away,” Forbes said. “I told her to go do something else. I said that when she accomplished something else and had done something else, then I would help her.”

So, Desiree earned her master’s degree in historical preservation, and when she was ready to get into the business, in 2010, her father was there with some ideas. He had already been an independent restaurant owner for more than 25 years. Among his credits is Cool Springs Fish Bar & Restaurant in Dover. The result of their collaboration is Restaurant 55 in Dover, which sits right next door to Cool Springs and features a wide selection of craft beers and a menu stocked with local ingredients.

Business Briefing

Locations: 2461 State St., Dover, Del. 19901
Founded: 2010
Industry: Restaurant
Generations: 2
Facebook: Restaurant 55
Twitter: @myrestaurant55

Forbes’ father was an avid gardener, and that’s where he developed his passion for working with local farmers and other purveyors. Witt Brothers Market provides the ground beef fresh for burgers every morning. T.A.
Farms supplies the turkey, and Fifer Orchards comes through with produce. “That’s what I grew up with,” Forbes said.

Now, Desiree is growing as a restaurant owner, under her father’s watchful eye and bringing Restaurant 55 forward.

“I love working with Desiree,” Forbes said. “This all turned out great. One of the things I stressed to her when we started was for her to maintain her family life. Have fun while you do a great job with the restaurant. I’m proud of her.”

Join us June 22 at the Family-Owned Business Award ceremony

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