SchagrinGas Co.


When a company has been around for 84 years and has its fourth generation of family members charting the course, it has to have a secret or two to explain its success.

For SchagrinGas, company president Andrew Levinson said it’s pretty simple why the company has thrived
and why so many of its employees have been working there for more than 20 years.

“The family atmosphere we provide keeps them around,” he said. “It’s a stable environment and not a big, corporate feel. We have chosen to stay family owned and independent.”

Business Briefing

Location: 1000 N. Broad St., Middletown, Del. 19709
Founded: 1932
Industry: Gas, HVAC
Generations: 4
Facebook: SchagrinGas Co.

Schagrin provides customers with propane and appliances in homes and businesses. It does considerable work with the new construction in coastal Sussex County, where the housing boom continues. Just as its employees stick around, Schagrin’s customers keep coming back.

“We take care of people when they need it,” Levinson said. “It’s a culture of caring.”

No company that sticks around for more than eight decades does so without adapting to the changing times.
Schagrin has diversified its offerings over the years, and as it looks to the future, it is interested in making sure it continues to offer a good variety of services to its customers.

“There are new technologies that can help us capture new markets moving forward,” Levinson said. “With more natural gas available, we need to find ways to capture that through our appliance sales.”

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