Sen. Chris Coons calls for global leadership

The U.S. Global Leadership Coalition yesterday held a conference on Amercia’s foreign and trade relations with 400 local leaders, including Senator Chris Coons.

“Investing in our nation’s diplomatic and development programs is in the best interest of every American,” Coons said. “By making these long-term, strategic investments, we not only empower the world’s most vulnerable, we advance our security interests and expand opportunities for local businesses right here in Delaware. As we contend with humanitarian crises and escalating security threats around the world, funding programs that save lives and help keep Americans safe has taken on a renewed sense of urgency.”

A number of speakers addressed U.S. engagement in Africa and some of the significant barriers facing many countries on the continent.

“Our military relies on the expertise of diplomats and development workers to advance U.S. national security interests on the African continent as part of our 3D approach,” said Lt. Gen. Kip Ward, U.S. Army. “Extremist groups are more likely to gain a foothold in countries that are unstable and have high rates of poverty and disease.  By eliminating these types of conditions, our civilian partners help combat the spread of violent extremism before having to put our troops into harm’s way.”

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