State Chamber releases legislative priorities

The Delaware State Chamber today released a list of legislative priorities based on a survey of members conducted last December.

“The results weren’t terribly surprising, and echo much of what the Chamber has focused on in Dover over the last few years,” wrote James DeChene, senior vice president of government affairs, in an overview of the results. “The answers do show that businesses remain optimistic about their operations, but are facing real hurdles that need to be addressed at both the state and national level.”

Among members’ top concerns were economic development, cost of healthcare, government spending and education reform. The five obstacles to growth identified include crime, education, permitting and regulation compliance, a lack of qualified applicants, and employee health care.

In 2017, 40 percent of respondents were optimistic about the future of their company, and 40 percent were neutral.

On the policy front, DeChene highlighted member priorities such as working with the new Delaware Prosperity Partnership and taking advantage of the now updated Coastal Zone Act.

The Chamber, meanwhile, will focus on opposing cumbersome regulation, advocating for structural changes to the budget that allow for greater growth, and supporting small business by working to increase venture capital and startup assistance, according to DeChene.

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