STRIDE finds a partner in California-based molecular tech firm

STRIDE of Delaware
STRIDE of Delaware

The Science Technology and Research Institute of Delaware (STRIDE) today announced a research and development agreement with Zymergen, a California-based molecular technology company.

STRIDE experts will work with Zymergen to develop microbially-derived “building blocks” for applications such as coatings, adhesives and films.

“Our platform offers the capability to create unique specialty materials from biology and at a commercially viable cost,” said Dr. Joachim Ritter, vice president of research and technology at Zymergen. “Using this approach, we can access previously untapped sources of molecular diversity to develop novel materials with properties not previously possible using traditional methods. We are partnering with proven innovators across industries to develop these novel products.”

STRIDE was able to assemble a team of experts to meet Zymergen’s needs.

“When Zymergen approached us, we quickly put together an excellent team of experts in films, coatings, adhesives and analytical chemistry and gathered the necessary laboratory infrastructure to help them get to market faster and more efficiently,” said Dr. Seetha Coleman-Kammula, CEO of STRIDE. “This is at the heart of our value proposition.”

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