STRIDE setting up shop at the Delaware Innovation Space

The Science, Technology and Research Institute of Delaware (STRIDE) will open a new laboratory October 1 at the Delaware Innovation Space, a new hub for science and innovation located on the grounds of the former DuPont Experimental Station in Wilmington.

“Delaware is here to support our innovators, and those efforts include our new partnership with the University of Delaware, and the DuPont Co. to create the Delaware Innovation Space. I’m thrilled that STRIDE will open a new laboratory at the Innovation Space this fall,” said Governor Carney. “The group’s members, including many longtime DuPont scientists, will have access to premium lab space and equipment to continue their important work right here in our state.”

STRIDE formed in 2016 as a way to employ former DuPont scientists as well as provide scientific contract services to companies and start-ups looking to locate in the state. The group is organized as a nonprofit. It recently received a large grant from the Longwood Foundation.

“Many of our industrial clients have been waiting for us to secure lab space. Having now secured a move-in ready lab reinforced with our world class industrial scientists, we have the critical resources to offer innovation and R&D services,” said Seetha Coleman-Kammula, president of STRIDE. “We can help our industrial clients innovate and develop new products and technologies, either by collaborating with their scientists when requested and/or working as an extension of their R&D departments.”

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