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STAR Tower

Information supplied by:
Laura McLaine and Lauren Lyon, Bancroft Construction Company (Wilmington)

About the project:
STAR Tower is the latest phase of the massive University of Delaware STAR Campus project. Upon completion in the fall, it will be 10 stories tall and have 130,000 square feet of multi-purpose space. The second through seventh floors will be used by UD’s College of Health Sciences. The tower includes 28.79 miles of metal-clad cable, 67,000 square feet of glass, and a living wall with nearly 700 plants of 11 different species.

What are some of the most important jobs?

Large contracts on the project include glass/glazing, mechanical/plumbing and electrical. When looking for contractors, Bancroft “tried to ‘buy DE’ to the extent possible and made that a high priority, as opposed to
only going with the lowest bidder for a trade,” says McLaine.

What other Delaware companies have worked on this?
More than 70 companies have contracted on this project, and the majority are based in Delaware.
Here are some examples:
Ralph G. Degli Obizzi and Sons (Wilmington) – mechanical/plumbing
Superior Electric Services Co. (Wilmington) – electrical
Connolly Flooring (Wilmington) – flooring
K. Wilcox Landscaping (New Castle) – landscaping

2000 Pennsylvania Avenue

Information supplied by:
Samantha Volk, GGA Construction (Middletown)

About the project:
2000 Pennsylvania Avenue is a mixed-use complex that will include 166 luxury apartments, 19,000 square feet of retail space and two levels of underground parking when it’s completed in spring 2019.

What are some of the most important jobs?
GGA has seven staff members working on the project: Project Executive Dave Grayson, Senior Project Manager Andrew Volk, Assistant Project Manager Roderick Johnson, Project Engineer Andrew Happer, Senior Superintendent Luke Kenenske, Superintendent Dan Pedicone and Assistant Superintendent Ricky Sykora. In addition, there are 40-65 trade contractors working on the project each day.
Because 2000 Penn Avenue is close to the CSX Rail Line and a high-voltage transmission line, safety and vibration monitoring are very important. Full-time engineering consultants monitor the work close to the rail line and to a nearby historic property that houses St. Francis Hospital outpatient services.
The two levels of underground parking required the site to be excavated up to 33 feet deep. That’s why shoring/excavation, foundation work and structural steel are crucial jobs on the site.

What other Delaware companies have worked on this?
“There is an extensive list of Delaware companies involved in this project,” says Volk.
Here are some examples:
• Geo-Technology Associates, Inc. (New Castle) – geotechnical engineering and construction testing
• RC Fabricators (Wilmington) – structural steel
• Diamond State Masonry (Wilmington) – foundation block and brick veneer
• Corrado American (New Castle) – earthwork
• ShureLine Electrical (Smyrna) – electrical (gear/distribution, lighting, wiring, generator, etc.)

DE Turf Sports Complex

Information supplied by:
Adrienne Corrado, Corrado Construction (New Castle)

About the project:
The DE Turf Sports Complex is one of the largest synthetic turf sports installations in the Mid-Atlantic. It includes 12 synthetic turf fields and an indoor field house. The project was completed in April 2017, in time for tournament season that year. In total, building the complex took about 12 months. Corrado Construction worked on the project as a subcontractor for Richard Y. Johnson & Son, Inc. The company was tasked with completing earthwork, sanitary lines, paving of curbs and sidewalks, and storm drainage.

What were some of the most important jobs?
Altogether, Corrado had 91 employees working on this job. They included 41 laborers, 26 operators, 18 foremen and six surveyors. One important component of the project was quality assurance and control, because Corrado needed to make sure the fields were designed correctly for tournament play.

What other Delaware companies worked on it?
• Richard Y. Johnson & Son, Inc. (Lincoln) – lead contractor
• Geo-Technology Associates, Inc. (New Castle) – geotechnical engineering expertise

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