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Anyone who has found themselves unemployed at any point in their life knows that looking for a full-time job can be a job itself. Synerfac helps ease that uphill battle for both employers and potential employees, thanks to 15 offices of recruiting professionals. Since opening for business nearly three decades ago, the firm has branched out to include technical fields of work, such as engineering, science and information technology.

“When Synerfac started in 1987, resumés were gathered at job fairs or newspaper ads via physical mail,” Senior Account Manager Sam Forester said. “Now we have job boards, social media and internal database sharing that all help our staff to deliver lightning fast results to our customers.”

Even today, not all professionals post their resumé or prefer to have their information on the internet. Synerfac reaches those candidates through other channels, according to Forester.

Throughout the company’s history, it has found employment for more than 50,000 people nationwide. It’s also done good deeds here in Delaware. In 2017, according to Forester, Synerfac partnered with the Ministry of Caring and provided Christmas presents for 15 children, which it plans to make an annual tradition.


Business Briefing

Headquarters: 100 W. Commons Blvd., Suite 100, New Castle

Founded: 1987

Technical Staffing & Recruiting

Number of employees: 90

Number of family members: 4

On the Web:

Join us June 20 at the Family-Owned Business Award ceremony

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