Transperfect group starts mail campaign

DOVER — The Citizens for a Pro-Business Delaware, the group focused on saving jobs at TransPerfect, began an intense mail campaign yesterday to raise awareness about the court-ordered breakup of the company.

“Once Delawareans hear their stories, we know that they will side with us on this issue and support efforts to protect the livelihood of thousands of hard-working employees who fear losing their jobs,” said Chris Coffey, spokesman for the group. “Our goal is to make sure people are aware of the risk that is posed not only to TransPerfect employees, but to the integrity of that state’s incorporation industry and the state’s economy as a whole.”

Timed to hit before the 2017 legislative session begins, the mailer will be dropped to over 55,000 households across the state during the first week of December. It is the first in a four-part mail campaign with two additional mailers scheduled for January and one in February.

The group was formed after the Delaware Court of Chancery ordered an appointed custodian to sell TransPerfect as a result of an internal dispute between company owners. It submitted an amicus brief arguing that the court should appoint a custodian to act as a provisional director until the dispute is resolved.

The group intends to introduce legislation that would amend the law to require a three-year wait period before the forced break-up of a company. It will also launch a TV campaign later this month and ramp up advertising as the legislative session opens.

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