UD graduate partners with sports tech company


UD graduate Jacqueline Palmer Merritt has partnered with Milestone Sports, a leading sports tech company focused on connecting retailers and brands to consumers through wearable devices. Merritt is a UD graduate who holds a Ph.D. in the fields of biomechanics and physical therapy.

During this partnership, Merritt will work with the Milestone Sports team to tell her data story — how she applies the metrics every day to become a better runner and stay healthy. She will also be tapped to provide feedback on the technology, not only as an athlete, but as someone with a deep understanding of biomechanics.

Merritt has been racing ultra-marathons since 2010. Her personal records on trails include:

  • 50K — 4:07
  • 50M — 7:29
  • 100K — 12:03
  • 100M — 21:40
  • 12 Hour – 70 miles in 11:42

While her specialty is ultra distances, Jackie also trains and races a fair amount on the road, including the 2015 Boston Marathon in 3:07.

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