UD students and Buccini/Pollin launch golf cart taxi service in Wilmington

The Buccini/Pollin Group, Inc. Thursday announced the launch of WilminGO, an app-based golf cart taxi service founded by fellows of the BPG-Horn program.

The service is now available across a 39-block area in Wilmington for a flat-fee of $3 for one or two people and $5 for more than three passengers. The app is available through iTunes and Google Play.

Through the end of 2018, the service area will span from 2nd and Market to 12th Street. The WilminGO team plans to expand the service with additional carts and wider footprint in 2019.

Chris Buccin, co-founder of BPG, learned about the idea during a trip Nashville, Tennessee.  He later worked with the University of Delaware to develop the BPG-Horn Summer Fellows Program to serve as a link between the college’s Horn Entrepreneurship program and Wilmington.

Andrew Carcena and Matthew Lombardi, who launched WilminGO, were the first students to go through the program.

“Horn Entrepreneurship is always excited to partner with like-minded, innovative and entrepreneurial
organizations like BPG to pursue new possibilities for the benefit of students, the University and members of
the broader community” said Dan Freeman, founding director of Horn Entrepreneurship. “We have great
respect and appreciation for Chris Buccini’s vision and leadership in quickly translating the idea for the BPG-Horn.”

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