White Dog Labs is in Performance Mode

“Big picture-wise, the resources are coming together,” says Bryan Tracy, CEO of White Dog Labs. His firm and others are innovating in the industry, and he says more companies are starting to come up and do remarkable things: “The ecosystem is building.”

For White Dog Labs, a biotech company based in New Castle, 2017 was a year for signing partnerships and joint development agreements, says Tracy. The company in January announced collaborations with Air Liquide as well as with Center for Aquaculture Technologies Canada (CATC). Tracy says other partnerships are in the works, and that 2018 will be “a year for performance.”

“Now, it’s heads down and working hard to make sure we deliver on everything,” Tracy says. “That will solidify these relationships further to get us to the next point of commercialization of our various technologies.”

A big focus for White Dog Labs this year will be on protein-based products for aquaculture, with Tracy noting the significant need for high-quality protein products to feed salmon and other animals. As part of their partnership, CATC will test the performance of White Dog Labs’ products and support the company in development and optimization.

“That will be our major commercial thrust this year, to get products across the finish line into the market,” Tracy says.

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