Wilmington-based OmniNet announces partnership to expand clientele

OmniNet, a Wilmington-based provider of third party security services for small businesses, today announced its partnership with Telarus.

Telarus, a so-called data master agent, uses consolidated business data to market products across a wide network. Under the partnership, Telarus will market OmniNet’s cyber security solution to 4,000-plus cloud and connectivity sales partners.

“Security has never been more important than it is today, with nearly everything – computers, cell phones, cloud applications, etc. – moving through IP and wireless signals,” said Adam Edwards, CEO of Telarus. “We are excited for the opportunity to offer our partners a turn-key cyber security product to help them generate higher recurring monthly revenue streams, all with the confidence that their customers are being given continuous protection against cyber threats and intrusions.”

OmniNet’s business model is known as “security as a service,” in which a provider offers security services on a subscription basis, cutting down on overhead and ideally lowering costs for the subscriber.

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