Wilmington Mayor Mike Purzycki urges citizens to report fraud

Wilmington Mayor Mike Purzycki and Acting City Auditor Tamara Thompson yesterday sent out a reminder to municipal employees and concerned citizens to report all possible cases of fraud, waste, and abuse in local government.

The notice directed anyone with information to use the City’s Fraud Hotline, which is (877) 217-4670, or visit www.reportfraudwilmde.com.

Thompson said just a handful of calls reporting fraud come in annually, and that the Audit Department reviews each report thoroughly. She also stressed that whoever reports the information will remain confidential.

Some possible violations include:

  • Theft of assets, such as cash, equipment, supplies
  • Payroll fraud or theft of time
  • Record falsification
  • Intentionally damaging city property
  • Abusing City equipment or the unauthorized use of City equipment
  • Kickbacks and bribery
  • Conflicts of interest

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