Wilmington Star Group staff in limbo

By Kathy Canavan

[email protected]

The Star Group’s seven full-time employees in Wilmington are in limbo today after Voorhees, N.J.-based Star abruptly shut down last week.

The Star Group has a dozen active clients, from one-project contracts for as little as $40,000 to client relationships that bring in $1 million in revenue annually, said Amy Colbourn,the vice president who ran Star’s Riverfront office in Wilmington.

“I just don’t have all the answers right now. We have a team that has certain clients who we handle here locally, so there could be an arrangement where we form something on our own or where we’re hired by another entity to serve our clients here,” Colbourn said. She said she and the other staffers at the local office are currently not being paid.

“It’s a big loss and, as individuals, we have suffered from that,” she said. “I think it’s difficult for clients to understand that we didn’t know about this. We were not part of the problem, and we were not part of the decision.”

Colbourn said the local staff will pursue all options. “We’re really trying hard to reinvent ourselves in another way,’’ she said. “I’m just seeing what the opportunities are.”




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